Your Body Your Choice

We can jump out of an airplane, scuba dive, ski, ride a motorcycle and most anything that can result in our own deaths, just for fun. Every day people assume those risks.  But when we want to save our own life, the government prevents us from accessing options that may be our only chance at survival.  This is an issue of our civil rights.  Understanding this problem is something you don’t want to realize AFTER you find out you have a terminal disease.  By then, you will not have the time or the ability to fight for your rights before you may lose the ultimate fight.

When Judge Judith Rogers wrote a dissenting opinion after the Abigail Alliance’s legal victory against the FDA was overturned, she said “the right to save one’s own life is left out in the cold despite its textual anchor in the right to life.”  The Abigail Alliance was fighting for our right to elect to take an investigational drug if we are willing to assume the risk and have no other approved options to save our lives.

There are dozens of breakthroughs in cancer that are demonstrating unprecedented responses in patients in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials with minor or virtually no side effects compared to available toxic chemotherapy options.  When faced with the reality of currently available toxic drugs that quickly show failure in most patients,  many want the option to try these emerging breakthrough treatments, even if they might not work.  With cancer, you will do that anyway if you just choose from the approved toxic chemotherapies that only work 20-40% of the time, if they don’t kill you first.   While there is no guarantee, patients should have the right to take these investigational drugs and assume the risks.  It’s our life and it’s our body…it should be our option.

Is this not an issue of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?   Fight to Live is driving transformational legislation to save innovation and freedom of choice, so that patients with their doctors have access to the tools they need to beat deadly diseases.  Legislation is seeking disclosure and informed consent for patients so that it is your choice to decide which risks you prefer to assume:  the known or the unknown in a battle against a deadly disease.   This is about YOUR choice, in your own self defense against a terminal disease if and when you are facing a fight to live.

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